the freeing power of truth....

Sunday, we spent a few minutes at the Voice of America broadcast site with our boys, talking about the power of truth and how the enemy hates it. Little did I know that a little more than 24 hrs later we would be in the middle of a difficult truth-telling for IHOP.

Without going into the details, because only the morbidly curious would want them, a person influentual in the founding of IHOP is dealing with some very public, very destructive sin. They have never actually been in a leadership role at IHOP, but they have had a strong influence here. The community has been rocked - this was not the sort of thing anyone saw coming.

Tuesday afternoon I watched as Mike Bickle walked through this with the crowd of 700+ in the prayer room, carefully explaining as much as he could what had happened. He also scheduled 10 followup meetings over the next 36 hours, to give optimal opportunity for anyone who had any sort of question to ask it in a public forum.

The result of his shining the light of truth on this ordeal was amazing. I attended two of the meetings - both 2+ hrs. Having been to 'church meetings gone wild", it was astounding and inspiring to watch person after person express gratitude for the process and support for leadership. What made the difference? The had been told the truth.

Truth rocks.

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