Why I like going in to the prayer room at 6 AM:

1) As the NightWatch leaves, none look twice at my unmufflered Volvo.

2) I usually get to say 'hey' to my friend, Stuart, who's just leaving (having been here all night). We actually went so far as to schedule coffee this time. Morning coffee with Stuart happens about 4 pm.

3) If I limit my food intake and jack the coffee, I can get my blood caffein content up around .30.

4) It blows me away to see how many others are here....from my seat on the left, among the hundred or so here, I see a sixteen year old who will leave at 8 AM to go to home school, a semi retired executive and his wife, and every sort of person in between. Hmmmm. After five years, 24 hr hours a day, anyone care to label this an emotional outpouring that will never last?

5) God really likes me at this time of the day. Well, He likes me all day, but as the day goes on, it gets harder for me to understand why.

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