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Did I mention I was tired?

This photo was taken Wednesday afternoon. I am wearing my ancient Superman shirt, although Tom dubbed me Captain Understatement (this was after I announced that he was Mr. Monkey Pants, so you can imagine we had quite an afternoon).

I don't remember being this tired and charged at the same time. While we handed out bottles of water and battled the wind, the dream interpretation team was working in the tents, interpreting as many as 5 different peoples' dreams at once. At one point, we were bracing the structures with pipe and duct tape in the wind, holding it together with our bare hands, while they were talking to seekers inside...it was desert warfare to the Nth degree.

We're back in Reno now...showered, happy and tired. Dusty hats off to the team - Tom Mills, Tara Martin, Danielle Wheeler, Rusty Geverdt, Barry Long, Marjie Long & Becky Kahler. I was so impressed at their cheerful willingness to go far beyond what was expected in the face of horribly adverse conditions.

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