If you have small children...

and have not downloaded the Poopsmith song from Over The Rhine, you must get your head examined. It made me laugh, it made me cry. Who else could write a song about the potty that has a line ending with "...the neighbor's Weimaraner" and actually rhymes!

Here's a followup note from Linford about the song that I found hillarous:

Letter from Linford, Sept 2004:

"It's election season, and we submit this for your consideration. The Poopsmith Song! Our first recording with and for children. A universal theme. Based on a true story. We grinned alot recording it. Lotsa parents have downloaded the free MP-3 from overtherhine.com. Their pre-schoolers seem to agree: Play it again! We did a focus group with my neices and nephews. Satisfying giggles all around. One mother wrote us and said it significantly helped her son narrow down the range of targets.

The Poopsmith Song! was supposed to be included on a parenting cd that was going to be distributed free to parents in Ohio. The project is being organized in part by Hope Taft, wife of Republican Governor Bob Taft. The music coordinator loved the song. The music was screened by a political adviser to the Republican Party. The song raised concerns. It was too edgy. Potentially politically damaging. An election year. 'We can't include a song about poop.'.... We resist the urge to have thousands of you send zip-lock baggies, stool sample safely sealed, to the Governor's office. 'We were going to put it in the potty, but I guess you and your advisers know of a better place to put it.'"

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