7:32 AM on a Saturday morning, rain on the roof, coffee perking in the kitchen, and the house all quiet, except for the sounds of Over the Rhine in my earbuds. This is pretty honkin' near an introvert's nirvana, and probably would be so if it were not for the fact that the rain came in the basement and soaked the pad and carpet near the stairs. Hmmmm. That'll turn the mood of a paragraph in a nanosecond, won't it?

Today is blocked off as a 'work on the house' day. It'll be nice just to be with Kelsey. We have one bathroom that has a strange condition; everything that makes water stop doesn't, and everything that should take water away doesn't. I'm serious - the tub leaks in the corners, both sinks' drain mechanisms jammed somehow and won't drain, and the toilet leaks but won't flush. It's like the worst of all plumbing worlds. Fortunately, I don't think any of the fixes are expensive - a little wax donut seal under the toilet, a little caulking, a little folding of the hands to rest....

If the rain lets up, I've got work to do on the exterior as well. Either way I've got water downstairs, and it frustrates me....it ruins a perfectly good rain soaked, coffee infused, OTR Saturday morning.

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