A week from tomorrow...the playa.

This week will be all last minute stuff....why don't my rechargable camera batteries hold a charge? Where is the sun screen? How many pairs of socks do I need?

Next Saturday, Tom, Hal and I fly to Reno, NV to get some final details settled...make a trip to a killer surplus store, plus the old staple. The rest of the team flies in on Sunday. We gather that evening for a briefing (we'll see if it's actually brief) then rendevous with the semi driver who will help get our camp to the lakebed.

I'm getting email daily from other burners wondering where we're camping (earth and 5:30, FYI). Looking forward to seeing those who we've built relationships with...Jess, Andie, Jim and the long suffering Roxanne, the man in the grey felt hat and others.

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