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Early Tuesday Morning....

It's 5 AM on the Black Rock Desert. I'm sitting in my dome tent wonderin if the wind is going to sweep it into Utah. I keep looking out the vent of my tent to see how the rest of the camp is faring. It may sound worse than it is because none of our lawn chairs are tipped over, but I'm guessing that we'll discover we lost some things in the night.

Last night, Tom Mills and I wandered up to First Camp to sit and talk with Larry Harvey & Harley Debois. Larry is the founder of the event - Harley is responsible for camp placement. We invited Larry to visit the camp for a dream interpretation - he hopes to later in the week, and invited us back to First Camp any time. We shall take him up on it.

The day as a whole yesterday was exhausting - unloading in the heat really took it's toll. Last night's tacos were a huge hit...had a guest for dinner, in fact (they materialize at meal time!). The night was not as cool as I was afraid it might be (we were hearing 40's last week) so if the wind dies down, we should have a great day here.

Ron & Cookie Boyer's SpiritWind Cafe is a huge hit - Ron pounds the drums while Cookie serves up the latte's (and a high quality latte, I might add...). People are shocked at their generosity and it opens doors for some great conversation.

Hope to keep updating - wifi connection here is iffy and I'm trying to keep my gear out of the dust (good luck...). Thanks for everyone's help, support and prayers. If you're in the prayer room at IHOP - GO FOR IT! Today is a new day with destiny all over it....

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