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Yea for Pamela!

It was a big weekend at VCC...the debut of the new transitions girl, Pamela Lucas!

Pamela was my Chief of Staff at the Vineyard. Well, technically, my assistant, but the whole world knew the truth. She managed to usher me through the system of getting stuff done there, juggle multiple budgets, be pleasant to volunteers, and a hundred other things.

Pamela would work hard all day for a latte, and didn't even get mad when I misplaced mine and drank hers (SOS Week, 2003, thanks Pamela...). Of course, she also set the bar when it came to Burning Man organization. This year, we're using her travel binder(s) as the template.

Anyway, someone back at the ranch saw the light and put her onstage where she belonged. Got broadband? Speed through the clip to the twenty two minute mark or so and you can watch her do her stuff.

Pay no attention to the two guys lurking over her shoulder in the photo on the right. Stalkers kind of gravitated towards her.

Way to go, Pammy! YOU ROCK!

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