Off to the Museum...
The boys have a friend in from out of town so we're hitting a favorite haunt. It's located down in the old KC Union Station.

Last time we went, they were featuring a traveling exhibit on Ernest Shacklenton, famed British explorer who lost his ship, the Endurance, to the ice and led his men on an incredible across-the-ice-and-open-sea adventure to their own rescue - not losing a man, despite living for nearly two years at the mercy of the Antartic ice and sea. S

Shackleton is a great source of quotes - when he led his men across the sea to an island, only to discover that the settlement was on the other side of the island, he trekked across the 20+ mile glacier to summon help. At the pinnacle of the glacier, they stared down the steep slope into a thick, soupy fog. Not knowing what lay below, they were frightened. The slope was too steep to walk down...so Shackleton suggested they sit down and slide down into the foggy unknown. When one of his men protested that it was too dangerous, he simply said "Well, we cannot stay where we are. We must go forward."

Often the inability to endure the present situation is a perfect motivator to step into the great unknown. Three cheers for holy frustration.

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