monumentous week....

It's a big week for the Bohlenders...starting last night with some killer fireworks on the lawn at Corporate Woods in Overland Park. The kids played for hours as we listened to a variety of big bands, closing out the night by laying back on our blankets staring into the great beyond and watching the sky explode with color. Three years ago we watched such a spectacular display - not from the lawn of a park, but from the fifth floor of a hospital. Kelsey and I sat on the heater by the window and watched fireworks shows being launched from five or six locations across Cincinnati. The next day, Zion was born...the ultimate firecracker. Happy Birthday, Zion!

Fifteen years ago on Wednesday (this is sounding like NPR...) at TriCounty Assembly of God in Fairfield, Ohio, Kelsey made the life charting decision to hitch her wagon to mine. Our wagons have rolled along quite nicely ever since. Fifteen years sounds like a long time, but when you're married to an angel, it passes in only a minute. I have heard offertories that have seemed much longer than the time we have been married...much, much longer. She is a jewel. Kels, I'm never sure if you read this or not - but I love you just the same. :) If you haven't met her, she is infinitely wittier, smarter and more ambitous than myself. All that in a good looking package, might I add.

I resisted temptation this morning in a very large way....5:30 AM found me standing in the dining room, brief case in one hand, gym bag in the other, looking out the window at the rain pouring down, thinking "If I do not go to the gym, will the grand purposes of God be thwarted?" The answer, of course, is no....(go ahead, Tom...debate that one...). In an unusual burst of self-control, I resisted the urge to crawl back in bed. Now, at 7:09 AM, sitting at my desk listening to a mix of soft jazz and rain on the window, with a cup of hot coffee at my right hand and the knowledge that no one will darken the door of the office suite for at least 51 minutes...I'm glad I decided to go to the gym. I hope I can remember this feeling tomorrow at 5:30 AM.

PRAYER REMINDER - The house. See post below...

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