a real quote

Last night, Kelsey and I were working on the Omega course, a sort of eschatology primer that we're producing for small groups, churches, etc. What this usually means is Kelsey thinking out loud while I type furiously, switching back and forth between my Word document and dictionary.com. Simply put, she is by far the better eschatology theologian, while my specialty is making the complex simple, or at least simpler.

At one point I started asking specific questions...she goes off on a diatribe explaining about four end-time concepts that I had never understood - all at once. In five minutes, a light dawned in my head and I was completely tracking with her. Dragons, the harlot, headless martyrs - It was like a huge, 144,000 piece puzzle sort of snapped into place. I felt like a six year old who learned to ride a bike and do long division on the same day.

And how do I respond to this revelation? I leaned back, resting my head on the back of my chair, stared up at the ceiling, and blurt out "Holy freakin' cow...Lord of the Rings makes so more sense to me now."

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