a picture of grace...

Many of you know Gary & Mary Wiens - Gary is a long time friend/advisor of the Cincinnati House of Prayer. He writes and speaks all over the world on the Father's heart for His children.

About 3:30 yesterday morning, Mary went to be with Jesus after a bout with cancer. She was 47 years young, a picture of grace, and living in anticipation of a grandchild due in two weeks. As a community, we prayed for healing, but God chose a healing much more complete than ever could have been accomplished in an earthly frame.

When I came into the prayer room this morning, barely twenty seven hours after Mary's passing, I found Gary. He is sitting in his regular spot where I always find him if he's in town...third row, far to the left. He's studying the Word, answering email, and greeting people who approach him to express their love.

Some would call this denial...but Gary would call it having an unoffended heart. To love and serve God through good times and bad is the ultimate in devotion. A few moments ago, the worship leader sang the line "draw me to you, O Lord" and I heard Gary mutter a tired - but satisfied - 'yes, God.' There are giants in this place.

I would encourage you to read Gary's note as well as the dream Julie Meyer had (posted a little further down on the same page). Both are remarkably profound.

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