a new home base...

With our lease running its course soon, we've been scrambling for housing. After looking at 423 houses (this is an approximation...after 4, they all look alike), we made an offer on one and, after a series of negotiations, settled on a price. It's a raised ranch (KC-speak for sort of a split foyer, a few steps up to the main floor, lots of steps down to the basement) with a huge deck and great backyard. There is definetly work to be done - the seller attended the Shortcut School of Home Carpentry, and it is obvious, but it has the potential to be a great house. Tomorrow the inspector comes and we'll really see what this thing is made of. ("Gypsum board, sir....your entire home is made of gypsum board....and there are wheels under it. Did you know that?")

Kelsey is frantically getting ready for The Mother of All Yard Sales to thin out our treasures before carting them to the new digs. The move out of the house in Cinci was pretty sudden because we rented it and they needed in almost immediately, so it was a matter of throwing everything in boxes and getting out of Dodge. This makes for interesting box-opening on the other end.

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