jackons jets

This morning I took Jackson to IHOP about 5 AM so he could meet up with two other boys and our Children's Equipping Center leader, Lenny LaGuardia. Lenny is taking the boys with him to do a children's camp in Durango, Colorado, so at 6:30 AM, Jackson lifted off from the Kansas City airport headed for Denver. They have a five hour drive through the Rockies on the other end before arriving at the camp.

As a dad, it's pretty amazing to watch your eleven year old pack his bags for a week long ministry trip...and be so jazzed about it. I give the double-thumbs-up to Lenny for going the extra mile with these kids - it would be so much easier to just go do the camp himself. Yesterday Lenny was telling us about all they're going to do...visit his aunt in Denver, wander in the mountains, and eventually end up in Farmington, NM for a service at a large church there. If this tells you anything about Len, I warned him that Jackson was going to bring his accordian...and he said "Great! I'll bring my sax! We'll do a duet!" Lord, have mercy.

Jackson was beside himself with excitement...a week in the mountains with the big guys. Airline passengers everywhere can thank me that he checked the accordian at the gate rather than carried it on.

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