instructions for a goof-ball morning

1) Wake up and get ready to go to gym. In the rush to find keys, inadvertently pour perfectly good cup of coffee down drain.

2) Give up on search to find keys, swipe Volvo key from wife's key chain.

3) On way out the door carrying the day's clothes on a hanger, drop hanger full of freshly pressed clothes onto child's chalk art on porch. Try in vain to brush chalk from shirt.

4) Enroute to gym, notice gas gauge on E.

5) At gym, realize that (due to a reason that would take too long to explain) the car is not lockable. And you don't have a padlock, leaving you with no place to secure your iBook, phone or wallet.

6) Decide to leave iBook, phone and wallet in lockable storage bin that normally holds the rear facing, third row seat....only to discover the bin only locks with the seat folded down...as if someone would steal the seat.

7) Give up on workout and drive home, hoping not to run out of gas.

8) Stop at gas station and put gas in, later noticing you do not have your bank card. Use Emergency AmEx.

We've got nowhere to go from here but up....have a great day. :)

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