isn't it ironic....

Many moons ago, Kelsey and I were members of a different tribe. They were wonderful people and we learned and loved much, but eventually we had shifted so far culturally that we didn't fit too well around the ol' campfire, if you know what I mean. So we left the tribe. It was not in disgust or shame, but it was a little awkward, nevertheless. I'd been in the tribe since I was eight - Kelsey since she was fifteen. We had been ordained by them for over a decade. All good things probably do not have to come to an end, but this one did.

So, here I am...a few years removed from that experience. I'm scoping out where I'm going to sit and get some work done - office space is at a premium here - and it seems there's some room in an off-campus office that the missions base uses. I went to check it out yesterday discovered that it is full of very nice office furniture that was donated by my old tribe! Including the board room table.

I kept telling those people I'd sit around that table one day.
Of course, I sort of figured it would be before they put it in the yard sale....

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