early AM @ the HOP

6:23 AM...I'm on the front row this morning...now sure how I got here, but I am! :) Marcus Meiers is leading one a fire-engine red guitar featuring more plug-in gizmos than it takes to land on the moon.

The focus of this prayer meeting is the pastors conference that starts today. Although this won't be our biggest conference in numbers, in many ways it's our most important...the potential in touching this many leaders is huge. Pastors generally cast a slighty suspect eye towards this place. It's not the easiest place to get your head around, and they legitimately want to know how it would play out in their town. Fair question. It'll be interesting to see their reactions to it up-close. I know that the staff has been on their face about this for a while. We want to serve these people. May it be.

Charlie and Angie Matthews - friends of ours and pastors at the Batesville Vineyard - are here for the conference. I look forward to connecting with them today.

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