...oops. my bad.

We were up at O-Dark-Thirty this morning to drive from Cincy to the Indianapolis airport for an 8 AM Cow Standard Time flight to KCI. I was quite pleased with our tickets, having scored the bargain of $34 per seat on Southwest Airlines. When I got to the counter, things turned south though....

The Nice Lady at the Counter (That was her name. It was on the tag. Nice Lady. not really) told me that I was, in fact, NOT booked for the 8 AM flight today. I had booked the whole family on the 8 AM flight yesterday. . They offered us the 14 Day Advance Dunce rate, which cost us another $42 per head and let us on. Note to self: check dates twice.

I didn't realize how tired I was until I got on the plane....I leaned back and dozed most of the flight. It seems like we were staying up way to late and getting up way to early the whole trip...add in some drastic time zone changes and ka-put. I'm shot.

It is good to be back in KC. I'll be heading over to IHOP later to catch up and attend an all-staff meeting. Chowster...

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