another day done...

Today started at Mike Frank's house with a huge breakfast made by IHOP's famous Lenny LaGuardia. We're part of a mens group that gathers Thursday mornings to eat and set the world straight. Lenny cooked up some Italian dish best described as 'mostly sausage' with a few veggies thrown in for good measure. Great stuff made even better by good conversation on the screened in porch. I really enjoy Thursday mornings.

After breakfast and the accompanying coffee talk, I raced to IHOP where I speed-taught the interns. I was supposed to have them for three Thursdays in a row, but their schedule was jacked so I had to do it in two. Normally the first two sessions are teaching followed by a real life, hands on outreach...not wanting to skip the practical aspect of it, I jammed both hours of teaching into 75 minutes.

The speed-teaching was followed by connecting with some of our small group leaders who are looking to multiply soon. I'm loving the custom approach we're taking to groups - some will be open, others closed, some will multiply (and some undoubtably will divide!).

My trip to Winnipeg was canceled at the last minute...I looked forward to going , but when I decided not to make it due to logistical problems, it was a weight off. It will be good to hang with the fam this weekend. :) On July 1, I stay home while Jackson hits the road, going to Colorado with Lenny for a week long ministry trip. He's pretty jazzed.

This evening I've been surfing a little while harrassing the senior staff of Burning Man who are desperately trying to hold a meeting but cannot bring themselves to shut their laptops down. What's life without pestering friends?

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