Today, I...

...enjoyed a cup of coffee from a glass mug enroute to the prayer room for the 6 AM set.

...returned a phone call while waiting 10 minutes for a 9 AM appointment and then bailed for the business office to pick up a check.

...worked on material for a 3 hour breakout session Kelsey and I are doing at next week's conference.

...tried to ask intelligent questions while the two fifteen-year-old-looking technicians installed our new digital phone modem.

...took delivery of 1200 all beef patties, a hundred or so more for the vegans, and 500 hot dogs for Sunday's big cookout at IHOP.

...stashed the aforementioned hot dogs in our upright freezer and, with Jason Wenths' help, cached the remainder of the food in the walk-in cooler at IHOP.

...bowed to neighborhood pressure and mowed my yard.

...hauled the big boys' bikes to BP to air up the tires.

...tried to watch Spartacus while surfing eBay until I got totally engrossed in eBay's listings of busses.

...read my friend Andie's blog and smiled when I realized that words I'd written nearly four years ago still resonate some where. Thanks, Andie Lou.

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