enroute to IHOP tonight....

I had a pretty intriguing conversation with Jackson about how a Segway is steered. He made me think. This is happening more and more often.

In the back of the prayer room tonight, Lenny has about 25 children praying for the sick who have come from all over. Up front, Deryck Box is leading...man, that dude has a pretty honkin' amazing voice and takes vocal risks that make him a joy to listen to. I haven't heard him crash land one yet either. Maybe its not a risk if you can do it. Misty Edwards and Jill Marsh are singing along, making for a very cool mix. Natalia Fuentes, our Girl Electric Guitar Player (her description, I swear) is playing tonight too...think Eric Clapton style in a twenty something Argentinian gal. In a while, Stuart Greaves, our nocturnal, five-language-speaking African-Dutch genius will teach.

I know, it takes an imagination...everything about this place does.

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