conference hosting...

FOTB is hosting a conference that started Wednesday and runs through Saturday. Wednesday night, John Arnott spoke...it's almost comical. Here's a guy who has been hounded by the controversy hunters for years. I don't know what I expected, but he is about as flamboyant as Steve Sjogren....which is to say he doesn't raise his voice, sort of wanders around the stage, and teaches.

Friday afternoon Kelsey and I are hosting one of the four breakout sessions - "The Healing Power of Community", for which I have already snatched the groups quote of a few days ago. It's time to pull out a little Jean Vanier and put the fuzzy wuzzy community wonks out to pasture.

We were thrilled to see some Batesvillians tonight. They came for the conference. I was one of a couple VCC coaches who worked with a group from Batesville, Indiana as they planted the Batesville Vineyard. I'm not old enough to be a church father, but I'm a heck of a proud uncle.

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