back to work, sort of.

I'm getting ready to head to a coffee shop to draw squiggily lines all over my notes for this Friday morning's session at the Ready, Fire! Aim Conference...my California compatriots have dizzied me with options.

Them: "The Starbucks by the beach? The Starbucks up on the hill? Or the one right down the street?"

Me: "The close one."

Them: "They're all five minutes from here."

The only more Starbucks-intensive place I've seen would have to be SF.

Last night Jen Reig came and hung out with us for a few hours...we enjoyed gabbing about old and new times while Chef Sean cooked up some killer pasta dish that would make Macaroni Grill jealous. Good to see her. Good to eat food. Good to be in California. Feeling very Jed-Clampetish this morning.

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