7:44 AM and all's quiet

It's rare that it's quiet in this house...particularly this late in the morning. Apparantly doing the Kids Track at the conference this weekend has wiped the boys out. They'll be up soon enough...Josh and Tim Cone are taking them out for breakfast. My boys love being with the big guys...and it's a riot to overhear the conversations that ensue when the age of participants ranges from early twenties to 2 1/2....especially when the 2 1/2 year old things the mid twenty should be fascinated with the same things he is.

Kelsey and I team-taught a breakout for the conference yesterday - The Healing Power of Community. I took the first hour and explained the mess we're in relationally, and Kelsey took the second our and tried to infuse some hope! She was incredibly - I think it's the best I've ever heard her do. I'd love to revisit this teaching. There were a lot of "aha!" moments in the crowd as I watched people get a grasp on something they'd been sensing but didn't have words for. The most rewarding part of teaching (for me) is when the audience is reminded of something they innately know, but have failed to adequately consider before.

hmmm. still quiet....if I hurry, I might be able to read a few newspaper websites before all the chaos breaks out.

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