You've got to wonder what the last minute instructions were.....allow me a minute of extra-cannonical theorizing here. What were the words God told Jesus as He prepared for his 33 year jaunt to earth. From what I'm reading this morning, it must have been something along these lines:

"Shake well. Stir up. Turn upsidedown if need be."

Judging by the Sermon on the Mount, those words must have been said, because the first seven lines in that monologue are enough to cause trouble wherever they're practiced. In the time it takes for most preachers to get halfway into their witty introduction, Jesus manages to extoll the virtues of a poor spirit, declare the mournful comforted, flip roles between the meek and the mighty, announce that those who crave the knowledge of God will get their fill, insist that the way to receive mercy is to show it, affirm innocence, honor those who pursue peace, and reveal that the millions who would be persecuted on his behalf in coming centuries would become owners in Heaven.

It all reminds me of a thought that haunted me most of last summer...the Kingdom runs entirely backwards and upside down to what we think is normal. The meek make gains. The poor receive. The hungry are fed. It's as if it's run on principles entirely opposite of those by which we normally operate. Hmmmm.

I want to operate in that opposite spirit today. It seems that's where all action is.

PS: Big thanks to Big Jeffy for shipping me the highly coveted Pal's Fries, albeit a bit soggy upon arrival. Got salt? Hosanna Fellowship - your 'care package' was phenomenal. The boys are playing with the toys, I'm skimming the book, Kelsey's enjoying the cards and purse, we're listening to the cd's....and we'd be chomping the candy except that it's a fasting day! Thanks so much - we love you guys!

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