This may not mean squat to you, but I am remarkably grateful for the return of longer days...meaning it's not pitch black when I leave the house at 5:45 AM. There's something about leaving in the dark that feels like nature screaming "Go back to bed, you moron! You were not meant to be out at this hour!" Now, when I leave the house, I've got birds chirping to mingle with the aroma of my coffee. I like it.

Those of you with a passion for eschatology and video games need to read this article in Wired. Thanks to my esteemed colleague and public relations officer RonJon of Media Mecca fame for shooting it my way to begin with.

One last thing - I am learning that there are enough lessons in Psalm 25 to last me a lifetime. Particularly at my current spot on the learning curve! I think I'm encountering a mental/spiritual version what racing drivers call understeer...a disporportionately low level of response in the angle of approach as it relates to the amount of input to the steering wheel. Translation: I am not changing fast enough....

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