My mouth went dry...my pulse pounded in my ears...my palms grew damp...

It happens every time I hear those words: "Hey, I read your blog!" You see, I'm not sure who really reads this, and in that lies a fair amount of security. I ramble on about a variety of things, with only a bit of forethought....but every time I run across someone I know who tells me they read it, I do a quick brain scan..."What did I say?!?!?!?"

We're hosting guests this weekend...the crew from LA is flying in for a few days of Prayer and Ping Pong. This trip, it's Sean, Todd and a yet-to-be-met friend, Peter. They fly in tonight and out on Sunday evening. Good times, much food, and a few english forehands will undoubtably ensue.

If you're in KC and can't find the prayer room, it's relocated today - moving down the sidewalk into our seminar room while the techies do some sound system maintenance. It's one of the snags of using equipment 24/7...it wears out pretty fast!

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