In the "Didn't Get the Point" Department:

The Kansas City Star has an article about The Passion this morning....a panel discussion between two pastors, two rabbis and a priest. They did their best of representing the reasonable and unreasonable branches of both faiths, if that makes sense. While varied reaction to a film this powerful is to be expected, this quote came from a pastor who really didn't get it (I won't give his name or tribe...if you're that curious, you can probably find the whole article on the Kansas City Star's website):

"I think that, apart from the eyes of Mary, the film lacked any sense of the beauty of God."

Now, I have not yet seen the movie. I will soon. I must. I am not excited about it...because I know it will disturb me. I've never liked violence, particularly when I'm being implicated....but in reality, this is the most beautiful story ever told. "Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friends."

The same guy said "And in as much as we have pedestrianized the cross in our Protestant reform churches for too long - mainline churches perhaps have pedestrianized the cross and the story of suffering - I don't think we need to recapture it in such graphic, brutal ways to once again thake the cross from just being a piece of jewelry."

He makes a point about the pedestrianization of the Cross, but he sure seems squeemish about the reality of it. Maybe a nice plexiglas version would work for some folks...just something that doesn't contrast with the flower arrangement on the "Do This in Remembrance of Me" table.

And finally - again, same gentleman - "As you watch that film, part of my theology was under question. how do I preach the story of a loving God? How do I sing "In the Cross of Christ I Glory" with those images permeating my head?"

Sounds like someone was a little disturbed by the movie. Better late than never....

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