an evening in the prayer room

I don't get here much in the evenings...starting the day here at 6 AM means spending most nights at home helping with schoolwork or just playing with the kids. Tonight Jackson had a meeting so Kels and I brought him. As our new house buddy, Danielle, said: "I find it a little wild that your ten year old has a meeting. Jackson serves on the leadership team for Children's Equipping Center, so who knows what Lenny has them talking about tonight....

Anyway, back to the prayer room thoughts. Sort of nice being here in the evenings...relaxing, like a late night cup of coffee. Misty, Courtney and Beth are singing their way through the Song of Solomon with a six piece band...the sound is perfect tonight....worship leader on acoustic guitar, a backup acoustic player, drummer, keys, bass, and honkin' good lead guitarist.

Mornings here are like leaning forward. You've gotta be leaning forward to engage the Lord at 6 AM. :) I pray through my thoughts for the day, my lists and my anticipations. Tonight it's like leaning backwards...praying back through the day's realities (as opposed to my goofy schedule) and reflecting on the goodness of God.

If this place were coffee friendly, I'd think I'd found nirvana. Even without a mug in my hand, I'm in a good place.

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