a quiet house....

All is quiet tonight after finally getting the boys to sleep. Grayson is disturbed tonight because "this is not my bed and this is not my house." Poor little guy - I didn't have the heart to tell him that he wouldn't see his bed or house for another five or six nights.

Jackson went with me tonight to Hosanna Fellowship (www.hosannafellowship.org) where I spoke to the youth group and was reminded that it has been eons since I youth pastored. :-) The students are so much....well, younger, for one thing. From the looks of it, you can graduate high school at 13 nowdays.

Tomorrow we have a few meetings with people from Hosanna. They are adopting us as missionaries and volunteering to serve as a 'sending church' for us...not financially (although several Hosanna members are supporters of our missions endeavors) but emotionally. It will be good to have a home of sorts. We've missed that for a long time.

Feeling kind of down tonight. After spending last week in Cinci and this week in east Tennessee (where we 1991-1998), I'm warming to all that is familiar again.

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