miles and miles and miles and miles and miles 2004: A Roadtrip Oddity continues.

We were up late last night packing the SS Family Truckster and arranging things that have been donated to the Burning Man Electronic Garage Sale.

We left Cincy about 9:30 AM and headed for Northern Kentucky (or South-Southern Ohio) to spend an hour or so with David and Jen Sheldon. The Sheldons are fun folks and on my short list of people that I would invite to share a doomed three hour cruise with. David does a wickedly funny Thurston Howell III impression.

After our time with Sheldons we made our way south on I-75 through snow showers and head on into a killer wind. The combination of the height of the Truckster and the roof top carrier made for interesting driving. A couple of times I thought we were going to go Firestones Up like some big white turtle.

We pulled into Kingsport, TN in time to grab dinner at a favorite Mexican hangout, La Caretta. Tomorrow is a study day, then I teach in the evening and we spend the rest of the week hanging out with folks who are part of our emotional support team. It'll be a good time of rest and refreshing....much needed. I think my head's gonna 'splode if I don't vent some things and refill the void they leave.

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