It's been an amazing few weeks since we pointed the SS Family Truckster west on January 13th. I think we're the only people in the world to have visited Ohio and Tennessee via Colorado. We're just a few days from being back in Kansas City...

If there is one thing that has marked this trip it's been friendship. We were in Colorado to see Danielle Nichols married off. We were able to spend a few very rich hours with Tim and Kathy, her parents, amongst all the craziness that surrounds any wedding not held in Vegas (where you just show up and hire it done on the spot).

The Ohio leg of the journey was great as well. For the five years or so we spent in Cincinnati, we managed to assemble a lifetime of friendships.

This last section in East Tennessee has sort of spun my mind. Hosanna Fellowship has came along side us and offered to serve us as our 'sending church'. Being in KC is a little strange in that we're intercessory missionaries without a real home. When I left Cincinnati and the Vineyard, it was on the best of terms, but the Vineyard was by no means officially sending us. Today we met with a team that has been assembled to oversee our communication and emotional support with this congregation. While our finances remain our own responsibility, Hosanna is, in effect, saying "We will care for your hearts." My heart warms to that.

It seems like an eternity since Kelsey came home from a trip to Tennessee and told me "you've GOT to check out this church!" To this day I've not seen much like it. Currently they rent a church building that has them seated nearly in the round - maybe a 240 degree sweep from where the speaker stands. The seats are full of long hairs, gray hairs, no hairs, etc. The worship is lead by a rotating group of musicians. The teaching is at once prophetic and practical. And they care for one another....

Tomorrow morning we'll share with the entire congregation about what we're doing and then engage in the one protestant ritual allowed by nearly all tribes: the church dinner. Much fried chicken and fun will no doubt ensue.

I'm grateful for the Hosanna branch of my family tree tonight.

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