I'm Mr Mom Today...
as Kelsey spends part of the day with Kathy Oakes & Ann Cone. Kathy wanted to give her a girls day out and called me to ask what I thought would be a good idea. I deadpanned "The shooting range."


"The shooting range. Kelsey loves it. Take her." I almost had her convinced. If only....I can just imagine them at the shooting range, both wondering "Why did she think this was a good idea?!?".

We spent a few hours last night at the table of communion with Cones and Dochety's. Well, it looking a lot like a dining room table, but it seems that the table of communion looks more like that to me lately than an iconic piece of furniture in a church building. It was invigorating to hear them dream together about the purposes of God for this region. Here's to unlocked gates, friends.

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