Had a big morning at StuffMart as I took the boys to give Kelsey a little down time. We're getting the SS Family Truckster ready for a roadtrip...heading all the way to here for a wedding. I know, I know, pity the fools who have to go there in January. Who knows what might happen.

Anyhow, I'm not sure how the automotive section of StuffMart stays in business. The one near my house does oil changes for twelve bucks and change. It would cost me nearly $10 to buy the oil and filter, then leave me with $2.50 and five quarts of used oil to dispose of. They also 'charged' me $6 to rotate the tires. No, not $6/tire...just $6. It's gotta be a money loser. Then again, maybe they're keeping costs down by giving me someone else's used oil...

I also snagged a power inverter for the trip. We'll run a cord to Kels' iBook, then split the dvd audio into two sets of earbuds to increase distances between potty stops as we race across the American Outback. Our boys have always been good on long trips, but 13 hrs is pushing anyone, let alone three little yard monkeys.

I found a new blog I like. Check out the site of Kathy Oakes, who in all likelihood is one of the funniest storytellers of all time. She and Jeff pastor Hosanna Fellowship in luxurious Johnson City, TN.

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