a day with the fam...

We spend a lot of time as a family, but usually in a group with others...very rarely is it our family alone, so today was a special treat. After church we grabbed lunch at home and went to Union Station to see Bugs! in 3D. What a hoot. Zion was not too amused at the bugs seemingly floating just inches in front of his face, so he quickly petitioned for a seat with mom in the back of the theater, minus the obligatory funny glasses. See photos here.

After the show we went downstairs to Science City. When we moved here we bought family passes - a good financial move. :) We have much more than gotten our money back in multiple visits.

Tomorrow the boys start school again after their long winter break. Jackson is using a new cirricul..ciricul..a new set of lessons that we're excited about. It looks like it will be able to challenge him as well as offer an element of freedom.

One last thing...as you might know, I was working on a book this fall until the publisher and I went our separate ways (no hard feelings, wish them the best, insert your favorite disclaimer here). The result is I now have 25,000 words written and am not quite sure what to do with them. I've thought about finishing it, but for a lot of reasons would probably prefer to just start anew. I've also thought about parting the chapters out as magazine articles, but the financial return on that would be so meager that it seems a little silly. I ran across a Len Sweet quote the other day...something about the future belonging to those who can give away content, and it got me thinking - surely there's a novel way of giving my work away. It sounds more fun than selling it, and it sure seems to be counter to the systems of this world. Jesus always did things in an upside-down way.

All that to say this - I don't want to just offer to email it out. That seems pitiful (take my writing, please!), and there's got to be a better way. I'm up for suggestions - what would be a fun and effective way of giving away my efforts? Drop your ideas in the comment section Winner gets half a copy of my first book. Somehow.

I will also collect particularly BAD ways to distribute my writing - add those to the comment section as well. Something tells me we'll have more of the latter than the former.

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