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Well, our weekend took a sudden turn, but ended up a busy one anyway.

Saturday we expected Sean, our friend from LA, to fly in...minor problem when the plane decided to leave LAX without him. We were all bummed - particularly Zion, who wandered around the rest of the weekend asking where Sean was. We did have a fun, long iChat with Sean last night, but it's never quite the same. We'll see him soon.

Jackson (10) has been asked to be on the leadership team at the Children's Equipping Center and sat in on his first meeting on Saturday morning. Lenny LaGuardia - director of the CEC - believes the kids can do it ALL, so he brings them in on everything. Yesterday he told me "I just made them promise me they'd never make me attend meetings that were only for adults...". I love it.

Also on Saturday, the latest round of interns arrived...fifty plus in this six month session, including Josh Cone, who kept residence at our place for six weeks last fall. Josh is 'here', but not 'here'...Zion can't figure that one out either.

Sunday after church, Jackson had his friend Truman over to jump on the trampoline and discuss all-things-Adentures-in-Oddysey. These two probably know more trivia about that radio drama than the writers themselves.

Sorry no profundities regarding Ephesians, church trends, philosophy or pop culture. It is Monday, after all.

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