Well, perhaps White Death was an exaggeration...but we did get a few inches of snow. Coupled with a cold snap and nasty wind, it made it much nicer to be inside than out.

I left the house this morning at 5:45 AM on the maiden snow voyage of the mighty Volvo TurboWagon. I'm guessing that it saw snow somewhere in the 200,000+ miles that it racked up before it was gifted to me in August, but this was my first experience driving it in these conditions. Some roads had been plowed - others had not. The Volvo didn't seem to care...just sort of plodded onward like it normally does...an automotive Eeyore.

Last night we hung out with a portion of the International Missions Center team that I lead...no agenda other than putting away as much of this killer Mocha Cream stuff Kelsey made. Had a good time - these are great folks.

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