We spent the better part of the afternoon hanging with the Geverdts and fellow Cincinnatian (actually living in refugee status in Northern Kentucky), David Sheldon. David is in all likelihood one of the most naturally hip people I know of...I put him in the class of Donna Hern and Sting. (Sting you've probably heard of, Donna you probably will one day...she's famous in certain small concentric circles).

In addition to innate hipness, he's incredibly talented, although I'm at a loss to describe what he does. Illustrator? Cartoonist? Is there a difference? Probably so, although if I did it, it would be called doodling. You've probably seen his work on posters in Old Navy or between shows on Nick at Night. You can surf David's website here.

Dave regaled us all afternoon with his vast knowledge of food that won't kill you. He's a sort of self-styled Nazarite whose strength lies in his all-natural diet and exemplary grooming. Time spent with him is always fun.

Now if Donna and Sting would just drop by some Sunday afternoon. Then, baby, you've got a party.

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