Some years ago, while church planting, I titled a Sunday message "Some Assembly of God Required". I won't go into the specifics of what it involved, but suffice it to say that, in retrospect, it marked a certain turning...

This is the week of "Some Assembly Required" as we get ready for Christmas. I'd love to blog the details, but I have boys who read the blog and I don't want to give away what they're getting for Christmas. It'll have to wait.

Usually, Kelsey and I put off "assembly time" until Christmas eve - then work until all hours of the night trying to put everything together. Kelsey is a "spread the directions out on the table, cross referencing each fastener and piece with the parts list" type of person (translation: girl). I am of the "Look at the picture on the box and figure it out" school of assembly. I am convinced my way is better because God blesses it with miracles. There are always a multitude of parts left over when I'm done - sometimes 12 baskets full.

To add to the chaos, I'm an infamous multitasker, so for me to concentrate simply on assembling something seems like a waste of resources. The hands-free telephone headset was made for me. Yesterday I spoke with a friend for a while as I assembled one gift. All in all, it went well, except I kept referring to him as "Hexagonal Tappet Fastener". If only his name was Brad.

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