Remember when teenagers went to rock concerts?

I remember seeing Huey Lewis & the News in 1984...he played the North Dakota State Fair. Later that fall, he was a guest on Letterman and said "I loved playing in Minot, North Dakota!" When Letterman laughed, Lewis said "No, really...no one goes to North Dakota and so when there's a concert, those people go crazy!" And go crazy they did. I think the crowd was somewhere in the neighborhood of 17,000. Of course, a number of them thought it was supposed to be a tractor pull. Check this out:

Top Concert Grosses for 2003:
NEW YORK - The top concert acts in 2003 and the money grossed from ticket sales, according to the concert industry publication Pollstar:

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - $115.9 million.

Celine Dion - $80.5 million.

Eagles - $69.3 million.

Fleetwood Mac - $69 million.

Cher - $68.2 million. "

These are not culled from a list...this is literally the top five. What do we learn from this? Young people do not have enough money to buy concert tickets. Fleetwood Mac?

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