It's 7:25 AM Christmas morning....the boys were up at 5 AM but we somehow miraculously convinced them that it was simply not proper to go down and open presents at that hour. At this time, I'm chilling with Jackson in his room. He's showing wonderful restraint, content to be reading the Chronicles of Narnia as I surf a little. I'm sure the peace will be broken in the next 30 minutes or so and we'll all head downstairs to see what we find under the tree.

Later today we have guests coming over for a noon meal, and then in the evening we're heading to someone elses' house for yet another Christmas dinner. As we went to bed last night, I joked to Kelsey that we should get everyone up this morning and serve a huge breakfast - waffles, etc. - might as well eat 3 huge meals in one day.

In the "You Never Go Far From Home" catagory, I was surprised by my own reaction to this news about Mad Cow disease entering the US. While everyone else was trying to figure out if they should start ordering the McFish, my thoughts were "I wonder what this will do to the price of live beef? Never mind that I haven't lived on the farm for more than a few weeks at a time since 1985, or that we haven't owned any cattle since then. I guess the lense that you grow up with never gets fully removed. Although I am concerned about the food supply, I was convinced when I lived back home that all Charolais were mad already.

Merry Christmas to all. I wish you peace, health, the affection of your Maker, and two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions & a sesame seed bun.

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