Good news in the prayer room....

Yesterday we moved 'the main event' to the former location while they installed a new sound system here in the prayer room. It will be a day forever marked with dancing, singing, feasts, and perhaps they merry frolicking fo children. I say that because the sound has always been a point of difficulty here.

The former prayer room was a poorly disguised series of three trailers, bolted together with indoor/outdoor carpet duct taped down. It was very wide, but not very long front-to-back. No matter where you sat in the room you were only 8 or 10 rows from the front, but you could be a considerably far from the band. Sound slapped off the back wall and banged you on the back of the head. It got somewhat better when they totally enclosed the drummer's cage, but it was never good.

They didn't make the same mistake in the new prayer room. It felt like they made a different one. :) Rather than shallow and wide, this room is much larger, but long and narrow. The front 1/3 of the room is marked by people wearing earplugs ($1/pair a the bookstore - only color available, orange) while the back 2/3 is marked by people saying "Huh? What are we praying for?".

Yesterday, while we toughed it out all day in the old facility, they installed a new system here including speakers hanging halfway back in the room. The difference is amazing. The uniformity of sound is an incredible improvement. I also just spied a hard-wired video projector hanging from the ceiling and new screen on the wall. Hmmmmmmm. What meanest these things? Looks good to me.

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