Thoughts from the prayer room...

I'm sitting here in what we call a devotional set...a smaller band, just a few singers and a prayer leader working their way through a scripture passage. In a prayer room that can get pretty intense, it's a nice break! :)

Today is the first of our corporate three day fast. Zion didn't give us much sleep last night...I got a little more than Kelsey...and neither of us feel well. In my journal this morning, I wrote "Lord, I am tired and hungry and weak...but I am HERE." Fortunately, it's in our weakness that He rushes to meet us, and I know these three days will be no exception. By 10 AM most of the missions base staff will be in the prayer room - the gray haired retirees and the blue haired X'rs, side by side in pursuit of one thing, doing our small part to fill the bowls of intercession mentioned in Revelation. One day those bowls will tip, and the glory of the Lord will be revealed in fullness...and every hungry, tired, weak moment will have been worth it all. We press onward.

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