Step back, gang, for my head just may very well explode.

A while back I had to put my Palm 105 aside because it will not sync with my iBook. Please do not email me a fix...there is no fix. No serial to usb adapter will work w/OS X. I guess the rationale is that anyone hip enough to run OS X is probably too hip to own anything that demands a serial port. One can never make an assumption like that about my hipness.

All that to say this - I have been organizing my life on my iBook via the Apple application iCal. It works okay...but I'm tired of yanking my iBook open every time someone says "are you free at 2 o'clock?".

With much heaviness in my heart, I have listed by M105 on ebay, along with a Compaq Aero 1500 someone gave me. Hopefully, the sale of these two jurrasic (but wonderful) PDA's will be enough to generate enough capital to buy something that will work. The budget is tight right now, so if anyone feels compelled to toss in a few bucks to assure that I buy something that actually works....let me know!

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