Post Thanksgiving Day greetings...

Yesterday was a great day. The house was full all day - a few straggling in and out but the large majority there for the bulk of the day. John Van Weelden (John, Dianne and the kids are here from Cincinnati for Thanksgiving) and I made a trip to IHOP to pick up some tables and chairs where we spotted a sign in front of a neighborhood liquor store: OHPIN. Glad I'm not the only bad speller in the world. Highlights of the day were Zion making big buddies with Jessica Gmitter...Sandy the former Apple employee getting the final glitches out of my sync process...showing the assembled crowd the Vineyard Boy Band Video (couldn't resist...they all know Rusty, and he wasn't there to defend himself!)...and going back again and again for fudge...coffee...fudge...cofffee, trying to find that perfect balance of taste.

This morning, I'm back in the prayer room, stirred by a couple of needs people have emailed me and an intense dream that I can't share. With the onslaught of the holidays (Did you know it was the official "Buy Nothing" day today? Try and celebrate) it's easy to lose the focus of what we do. The busy day yesterday conspired with a 3-4 AM session of reading Steven Ambroses' Undaunted Courage to make me a little late getting here today....but as always, it is good to be here. Despite all our temporary destractions, the business of eternity goes on.

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