I'm sitting in the prayer room, resting a moment before the 4-6 corporate prayer time. Mike Bickle is going to share a little this evening about the history of IHOP - never a dull moment when those stories start being told.

On my way out the door I picked up a book that Kelsey found somewhere - Richard Wurmbrand's "In God's Underground". Wurmbrand was a pastor imprisioned by the Romanian Communists during the cold war. His stories of beatings and mental torture over fourteen years of confinement (several of those years in solitary confinement) are amazing. We are living in a socio-economic bubble - a anomolic blip on the timeline of eternity - where we can't imagine these sorts of things, even though most of humanity has dealt with them on some level through history. We know nothing of persecution or true financial difficulty, at least on the scale found elsewhere on the globe.

Had plans to sneak out and see Luther this evening but it looks like our fellow movie goers failed to score a babysitter. Looks like we'll have to wait 'till it hits the shelves and throw a big ol' Luther Party. Nobody parties like a Lutheran.

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