company in the house...

We're honored with guests again this weekend...three Cincinnatians (well, five counting those in utero) who are out here for the Women's Conference. I love this part of our life. The revolving door makes life fun. Welcome to Laura, Lynne and Dana.

Lynne and Dana were part of our Burning Man camp in 2002...Dana flew out with her husband, Robbie, but Lynne and her husband, Steve, were part of the marathon road trip crew. We teased her about being the token girl and token Canadian, but she gave as good as she got the whole trip, all the while serving up some killer coffee at interstate speeds and adding an element of class to our sorry crew.

House Population Count tonight: 10, not including the two to-be-born or Grayson's Rescue Heros. A housefull of family and friends. Tonight, we are rich.

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