late start...

I slept 'till 7 this morning, knowing that meetings will go on into the evening tonight...it's our staff fasting/prayer day as well, meaning we meet 10 AM - Noon and 4 PM - 6 PM for times of corporate prayer and worship.

The heart of the House of Prayer is a little heavier today than normal. Over the weekend we got the news that the wife of a senior IHOP leader has learned that she is in a sudden and swift battle with cancer. As the leadership team said Sunday evening, if God does not touch her, she will not live long. Yesterday afternoon I came into the prayer room to find the worship band and singers singing their pleas to God in a huanting minor key - "for the sake of Your name / heal Mary / bring justice to the earth / heal mary". I immediatly had tears of two different origins - first, for the family going through the struggle, and second, for joy to see this passionate expression of love.

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