I love my wife.

That's what it says. Right on the bumper of the car in the parking lot. I love my wife. Now, understand, I know the owner of the car, and I have no reason to doubt that he does love his wife. I just think it's funny that the text of that ended up on the bumper.

Had a full day today with the leadership team of the missions base, talking strategy, priorities, synergy, and poetry. Well, not poetry, but that rhymed. Speaking of the word 'rhyme', is there a word more difficult to spell? Oh yes...back to the meeting. It was great to be talking and planning about things that mattered. I have been highly frustrated in the necessary time getting up to speed here...no one's fault, but frustrating nevertheless. While I am still circling the track somewhat off the pace of all the leaders, at least I'm not getting lapped every thirty seconds like I was to start with. A few more laps and I think I'll be drafting with the lead pack.

Did I mention the Chiefs won on Monday night?

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