All started well this morning. Until I backed out of the driveway.

I jumped out of the mighty 740 TurboWagon (now nearing 210k miles, might I add) to shut the garage door...by the time I got back in, the heat guage was on normal. Hmmmm. I thought. That's quick. A half mile later, it was inching towards warm. A block before I got to IHOP, it was in the Nuclear Meltdown Red Zone.

Looking underneath the car, I find it's losing vital fluids....the green stuff that makes the motor not blow up. Looks as if the water pump is now only decorative...not functional. I filled it with water and boogied it over to Mac's Hole in The Wall Auto Repair Dive and handed the key to Mac himself.

Mac is the Goober Pyle of southern KC, MO. Formerly, he was the chief mechanic for a Mitsubishi shop...explaining the twenty or so Mitsu's that litter his real estate in various states of disrepair (perhaps that should bother me....

Anyway, he peeked under the hood and said the words every Volvo owner loves it hear: "That's available aftermarket!". Translated: probably a $40 part vs. a $200 part. Thanks, Mac.

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